Thank you so much for your help. I appreciated it so much.

Someone ought to give thanks where they belong. For everything… Thank you.

Thank you so much for your help this afternoon. I came home refreshed and encouraged to do my new job.

For that little extra beyond the call of duty! Merci

I will definitely refer more people at your centre; you have such a pleasant personality and great service!

Just thought we’d send you a quick note. We hope all is well with you. We want to thank you again for the awesome experience we had with you and Baby Boomers in Action. We really appreciate the privilege we had to benefit from this program. We love our new profession even more after one year. It’s been a wonderful experience in so many different ways. Thank you again for the opportunity you gave us to acquire and benefit from new skills. Blessings and all the best. Thank you!

Quelqu’un doit rendre grâce où ils appartiennent. Pour tout … Je vous remercie.

I have received your email and wanted to thank you for all your help and feedback. I really appreciate it! Thanks again.