Employer/Labour Market Survey (2009 - 2010)


  • In partnership with CDEM, developed a survey for the purpose of obtaining a current and accurate view of the economical, technological, educational and human resource situation in southeast Manitoba.

  • The first survey was conducted and completed in Ste. Anne, MB in spring 2009.

  • The second survey was conducted and completed in the St. Malo and St-Pierre-Jolys regions.

  • The results of both surveys should be available in May 2010




Health Care Aide (HCA) Programs (2009 - 2010): Health Care Aide Programs were delivered in the region due to the increasing labour market demand for qualified workers as stated by the South Eastman Health Home Care Coordinators.


Cluster program: Assiniboine Community College (ACC) in collaboration with the Community Education Centre (CEC), South Eastman Health and CERC, offered a six-month, part-time program to give current Home Care Workers the opportunity to obtain their HCA certificate while continuing to work. It was offered at the CEC in St-Pierre-Jolys. Fifteen Home Care Workers from St. Pierre-Jolys, St. Malo, Menisino, Niverville, Steinbach, Emerson, Mitchell, Blumenort, Sprague, Gardenton and Grunthal, recommended by South Eastman Health, enrolled in the program.


Challenge program: on-going: Assiniboine Community College (ACC) in collaboration with the Community Education Centre (CEC), South Eastman Health and CERC, offered the HCA Challenge program to provide current Home Care Workers the opportunity to challenge the HCA program and obtain their HCA certificate through this correspondence program. Three Home Care Workers enrolled in the program.


Full-time program: Assiniboine Community College (ACC) offered a full-time program in St. Malo. CERC referred twelve clients to Manitoba Métis Federation-St. Malo local, for the full-time program in St. Malo. Of these, ETT funded eight individuals (two withdrew). MMF funded 4 of our Métis clients ( two withdrew).



Reading Comprehension Program (2009): CERC invited Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) for a round table discussion with the CEC, Employment Manitoba Counsellor and Réseau communautaire in October 2009. Five Reading Comprehension classes beginning on November 17, 2009 took place at the Community Education Centre. This program is part one of nine “Essential Skills” classes. The nine essentials skills are: Reading; Document Use; Numeracy; Writing; Oral Communication; Working with Others; Thinking; Computer Use; Continuous Learning. 13 participants enrolled. Some participants who needed more literacy skills were encouraged to attend additional classes at SEELS (South Eastman English & Literacy Services) in Steinbach.


Trade Exploration Métiers (February 2009): Nine students from Selkirk, Grunthal, St. Malo, Kleefeld, Portage La Prairie, Stuartburn and St-Pierre-Jolys participated in this program. Results: participants either found full-time employment, upgraded their high school credits or continued to study in Natural Resource, Millwright Apprenticeship or Paramedicine programs.


Health Care Aide Challenge Program (2008): Due to many inquiries from South Eastman Health and from Central Health Care regarding their need for Health Care Aids, CERC organized 12-wk. evening program for Home Care Workers. Partners included Robertson College and Manitoba Competitiveness, Training and Trade, South Eastman Health De Salaberry District Health Centre, Community Health Services, Ginew Wellness Centre and the Bilingual Community Learning Project.


Career Exploration Program (October 2008): On the same basis as the TEXM program but with larger career boundaries. Thirteen students from Emerson, Grunthal, Winnipeg, Niverville, Steinbach, St. Malo, Ste. Anne, Ste. Agathe and St-Pierre-Jolys participated in this program. Results: participants were either employed, upgrading to obtain high school credits or registered in the Licensed Practical Nursing, Business Administration and Computerized Accounting, Early Childhood Education II and Law Enforcement programs. Two students left the program for medical reasons. All students received the WHMIS, CPR and Level One First Aide Certificates. The increase in their self-confidence and self-esteem was remarkable.


Trade Exploration Métiers (TEXM), (2007 & 2008): This trade exploration program was open to all men and women, regardless of age, background and limitations. It ran successfully in 2007. Fourteen individuals from different regions in southeast Manitoba were accepted: Mitchell, Tourond, Ste. Anne, Ste. Genevieve, Steinbach, Niverville, St. Joseph, Otterburne, St-Pierre-Jolys and Winnipeg. Results of Trades/Career exploration placements, apprenticeships or training: Cabinetry; Diesel Mechanic; Gasfitter, Masonry & Tile setting, Plumbing, Hairstyling training, RCMP, Plumber, housekeeping, Cabinetry Supervisory job.


Beginners French Course (2007): CERC coordinated an 11 week French course for English speaking individuals in partnership with South Eastman Health Inc., De Salaberry District Health Centre and Alliance française. Twelve individuals participated.


Women in Trades (WIT) Pilot Project (2005): CERC, with its Advisory Committee initiated and developed a project to help resolve two issues: 1) Labour shortages in the trades industry and 2) economic standards for women. This short-term project was strictly a trade exploration project conceived to expose women to all trades. Continued support for job search assistance and/or wage subsidies were in place after the program. CERC partnered with Chaboillé Community Development Corporation, Red River College and local employers. Graduation took place in May 2007 where 10 women received a certificate of completion. Field placements were: welding, landscaping, electrical, trucking, possibility of crane operator; tile setting business and computer technology.


Power Up Computer Courses for Women (2004):  In partnership with Health Corner and 2000Plus. This project was partially funded by Women’s Enterprise Centre. (12 women participated).



orange arrow Services for Newcomers (2009): Newcomers arriving in the region is slowly increasing. To create awareness of the services available to immigrants, CERC invited Eastman Immigrant Services for an information session which took place on December 7, 2009.  Personal invitations were sent to important stakeholders: schools, churches, local governments, various Health services providers; Caisse Populaires; Credit Unions; Vet clinics, RCMP, Providence College, local businesses from different sectors, Marketing & Economic Development Officers, CDEM, Réseau communautaire, Bilingual Service Centre staff and other government agencies, Libraries, Insurance offices and senior homes/services. CERC also put out posters for the community at large.


Manitoba Best – Customer Service Workshop (2004): Organised and facilitated two French MB Customer Service workshops in partnership with: CUSB, CDEM, Chaboillé CDC,
St. Pierre Chamber of Commerce, RM of De Salaberry, Village of St-Pierre-Jolys, Comité culturel d’Otterburne and Festival Chantecler. 20 individuals participated.


Conflict Resolution Workshop - Mediation Services of Winnipeg (2004): Hosted a Conflict Resolution Workshop as requested by employers and community members from a CERC survey. 20 individuals from Lorette, St. Malo, St-Pierre-Jolys, Otterburne and Winnipeg attended the workshop with a very positive response. The French workshop was annulled due to lack of interest.


Customer Service Workshop (2003): In partnership with RRC

Successful Event Planning (2003): Facilitated this workshop for the Chaboillé CDC through the Community Capacity Building project. 19 participants from the St. Malo, St-Pierre-Jolys and Otterburne regions attended.


Cashflow Session (2002) for employers: offered in English in partnership with Triple R


Cashflow Session (2001) for employers: offered in French in partnership with CDEM and Western Economic Diversification Canada


Employee’s Right Session for employers (2000-2001)



orange arrow Friends of the St. Malo Park - Employment Partnership Program: 2009-2010 winter season may be the final year for this Program which ran for eight consecutive years. It brought in many excellent projects for the Chaboillé region/St. Malo Provincial Park and training for many individuals.



orange arrow Community Education Centre/Centre éducatif communautaire (CEC): The CEC closed its doors in April 2010. Various computer programs were offered at the Centre: Basic computer skills for beginners; Microsoft Word Level 1 &  2; Microsoft Excel 2007 Level 1 & 2; Computer Software Maintenance; Internet Research; Computer Information Security. Other programs offered at the CEC in 2009 - 2010: HCA - Cluster Program through ACC and Reading Comprehension Program


Employer Visits/Labour Market Study (2007 & 2009): CERC and Chaboille CDC developed a survey for the purpose of obtaining a current and accurate view of the economical, technological, educational and human resource situation in the Chaboillé region, with plans to continue to other bilingual communities in southeast Manitoba. Due to unforeseen issues, only fourteen visits were completed. This project was reorganized in 2009 in partnership with CDEM. Completed the survey in Ste. Anne in May 2009; St-Pierre-Jolys, Rural Municipality of De Salaberry and Montcalm surveys were completed in September 2009. Results will soon be available.


orange arrow 6-Pack Project - Labour Market Partnership (2009): Six luncheon presentations were offered to businesses in St. Malo and six in St-Pierre-Jolys. Charmaine Gosselin, the St. Pierre Marketing Agent was the Presenter. CERC assisted with the proposal to Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade. The meals were at no cost to local employers and interested residents. Presentations included: Customer Service Attitude; Community Enrichment; Generational Diversity; Management/Employer of Choice; Training/On-the-job; Noel Networking. Partners: St-Pierre-Jolys and St. Malo Chambers of Commerce; CERC; Tourism Eastman; Réseau communautaire; CEC and the Governments of Canada and Manitoba. The contract ensured that luncheons were provided by regional service providers.


Adult Learning Centre (2007-2008): Strong community and economical development clearly points to education. CDC Chaboillé and CERC took concrete steps to explore the possibility of establishing a bilingual Education Centre combined with an Adult Learning Centre. The programs offered in this Centre would be home-grown to fit the needs of the communities, such as the Trade Exploration Program, Health Care Aide - Challenge and other programs to assist businesses and the agricultural industry. A committee was established with members from Job Works, Selkirk Learning Centre, Borderland School Division, Employment Manitoba, Manitoba Association of Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM) and Chaboillé CDC.


Friends of the St. Malo Provincial Park-Incorporated (2003-2008): Collaborated along side Chaboillé CDC in the research and development of a proposal to Manitoba Conservation to encourage the prospect of designating the St. Malo Provincial Park a year-round (only bilingual) Provincial Park. Assisted Chaboillé CDC with a proposal to Manitoba Advanced Education and Training for funding for this beautification, health/environmental and safety/flood prevention project. The new Friends of the St. Malo Park Committee now has active Board members who are working hard and proud, in collaboration with Manitoba Conservation on strategic plans to enhance and promote the Park and the surrounding communities. Friends partnered with the Festival du Voyageur in 2008 for the first, “Festival of Friends/des amis” which was located on the lake at the St. Malo Provincial Park. An Employment Partnership Program with Employment Manitoba-Steinbach permitted them to hire a Coordinator for this event.


Call Centre Initiative (2003-2006): In collaboration with Cathedral Group, Virtual Incubation of Manitoba (VIM), Manitoba Advanced Education and Training (MAET), and the Chaboillé CDC, a feasibility study was conducted and necessary steps taken to determine suitability and interest for a Call Centre. After working four years on this initiative, the St. Malo and St-Pierre-Jolys communities have captured the commitment and trust from two Manitoba home-grown and independently owned and operated Call Centres: CanTalk, an inbound call centre specializing in language services and DataProbe, an outbound call centre conducting local market research and opinion polls. CanTalk opened its doors in December 2004 hiring 35 people. DataProbe opened its offices in St. Malo hiring 12 representatives. CERC played an active role with recruitment to assist both Call Centres.


Broadband Compatibility (2003): In collaboration with Chaboillé CDC, helped researched the feasibility of obtaining broadband in the communities to increase economic development by attracting potential businesses such as call centres. Broadband connection was established in the Chaboillé region.


Red River College (RRC) - Winnipeg (2002): RRC sought CERC's assistance in identifying key community stakeholders for a round-table discussion to identify training needs in the region. The President, Vice-President of Training Enterprise, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the College attended the meeting.


Labour Market Study (2002): The study was created and conducted by CERC and Chaboillé CDC for the purpose of identifying the local labour market sectors, training needs, high demand occupations, potential growth, trends and new businesses within the Chaboillé region. Funding for the study was provided by Manitoba Advanced Education and Training-Steinbach. Information collected was strictly confidential. The survey included 350 businesses, conducted via telephone interviews and in person between June 20th, 2002 and September 30th, 2002 of which 124 employers responded.



Tradeshows: participated in the St. Pierre Chamber of Commerce’s new initiative, the Chaboillé Trade Show in 2005 and in Showcasing Manitoba at the Convention Centre in 2008.


Community Visioning Youth Forum-Call for Proposals (2007): invited to participate in this forum on December 13th, 2007 in Steinbach with the objective of creating an ideal proposal to address youth at risks through a new and updated Youth Internship Program (YIP). CERC has referred many clients to the YIP with excellent results.


Student Summer Job (2004): Facilitated a partnership between the Province of Manitoba, the Chaboillé CDC and CERC to hire a student for the summer months at the Bilingual Service Centre.


Work experience for high school students (2003 & 2004) : Provided office work experience to two students from St. Jean-Baptist and St. Malo schools through the »Programme d’adaptation au travail».



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