The Community Employment and Resource Centre (CERC) was initiated by the Chaboillé Community Development Corporation as a result of the recommendation in the Chartier Report, “Above all, Common Sense” (May 1998) for a Bilingual Service Centre. (www.csbsc.mb.ca/history.html ) 


What is CERC?

CERC is an Employment Assistance Program funded by Employment Manitoba from Steinbach.

As of December 1st, 2011 CERC has become an incorporated entity: CERC-MB Inc.

From October 2008 - November 2011, CERC was sponsored by Réseau communautaire under the direction of Muriel Therrien.

From 1999 to 2008 CERC was sponsored by the Chaboillé Community Development Corporation under the direction of Murielle Bugera, the Economic Development Officer.


CERC’s Objective

The purpose of the Centre was to provide bilingual employment services to residents of southeast Manitoba and bilingual communities along the Red River. CERC also works closely with communities to provide employment-related services for employers and non-profit organizations.


CERC Services

Assistance with résumé and cover letter preparation, interviewing tips, job search techniques; career counseling; act as a referral service; provide labour market information, bilingual employment resources, workshops and many other services and projects deemed necessary by the Manitoba Southeast labour market.


Since 2000, CERC also acts as the Sponsoring Committee for the Manitoba Youth Job Centre (MYJC), MB4Youth Division which is co-located at the Bilingual Service Centre in St. Pierre-Jolys. 


Pioneers of the Community Employment and Resource Centre


First members of the Chaboillé Community Development Corporation:

  • Murielle Bugera, Economic Development Officer
  • Edmond LaBossière
  • Luc Catellier
  • Réal Curé
  • Claudette Closson
  • Brian Copple
  • Jean-Paul Gosselin
  • Pierre Maynard


Manitoba Advanced Education and Training (AET), Steinbach office:

  • Jim Harp, Employment Counselor
  • John Kawecki, Regional Manager-Eastern Region
  • Pauline Carrière, Career Development Consultant


The Beginnings:


In June 1999, the Employment Centre opened a temporary office at 471 Sabourin Street, the former location of the Liquor Control Commission in St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. It was designated the name: Chaboillé Regional Employment and Resource Centre.


In August 2002, CERC moved to the new Bilingual Service Centre – Red River Region in St-Pierre-Jolys.


In 2003, to better reflect its Manitoba southeast clientele and to emulate its mission in providing personal, friendly, one-on-one bilingual services, CERC adopted a new look:


New name: Community Employment and Resource Centre (CERC)


New logo:




New slogan: Warm open-door service expanding horizons


In 2003, CERC developed these statements:


Mission Statement

Our Bilingual employment centre offers direction, assistance and opportunities to the residents of Southeastern Manitoba to access the skills and resources necessary to achieve meaningful employment and success within the workforce.



We will strive to improve and promote the economic well-being of our communities by providing personal, individualized employment services. We will also receive labour market information from entrepreneurs to better respond to their needs.


We Believe That…

Everyone should have equal rights to all potential employment opportunities.

We can best achieve our mission through the collaborative efforts within our communities.

Positive attitude and the belief in oneself are the first steps towards success.


In 2008, the Department of Manitoba Advanced Education and Training changed its name to: Manitoba Competitiveness, Training and Trade. (CTT) then in late 2009, CTT changed its name to Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade.


CERC Staff: past and present

  • Lise Hébert, Bookkeeper/Resource Coordinator, May 2012 - November 2013
  • Gabrielle Musick, Employment Consultant, November 2000 - present
  • Rachelle Talbot, Administrative Assistant,  December 2000 - April 2016 
  • Marcelle Ruest Administrative Assistant,      May 1-2016 -present
  • Christine Morin, Bookkeeper/Resource Coordinator,   2014-2015
  • Patricia Zaporozan Bookkeeper/ Resource Coordinator,  2015- 2016
  • Gabrielle Musick,  Administrative Assistant, September 1999 - October 2000
  • Jason Lacasse, Employment Service Advisor, June 1999 - September 2000; left to take an employment position with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Tanya Sabourin, Administrative Assistant, July 1999 - September 1999; left the term position to pursue training in massage therapy and subsequently opened her own business “Knead a Little Heaven” in St-Pierre-Jolys


CERC’s sponsoring committees and representatives: past and present

  • CERC-MB Inc., Board of Directors, December 1, 2011 - present
  • Muriel Therrien, Agente du Réseau communautaire - Réseau communautaire, Société franco-manitobaine (SFM), October 2008 – November 2011
  • Murielle Bugera,  Economic Development Officer - Chaboillé Community Development Corporation, June 1999 – October 2008


CERC’s Employment Manitoba Project Officer:

Pauline Carrière, Career Development Consultant, Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training & Trade - Steinbach office June 1999 – present; provides employment and training services once a week at the CERC office.


Satellite Offices: past and present

  • Ste. Anne: (May 2013 - currently) located in the Bilingual Service Centre - Ste. Anne for the communities of Ste. Anne, La Broquerie, Giroux, Ste. Geneviève and Lorette
  • Ste. Anne: (December 2002 - April 2013) located in the Ste. Anne Library for the communities of Ste. Anne, La Broquerie, Giroux, Ste. Geneviève and Lorette 
  • St. Malo: (2005 – 2008) located on the second floor at the Maison-Chapelle
  • Letellier: (April 2001 - 2004) located in the building that houses the offices of the Municipality of Montcalm, for the communities of Letellier, St. Jean-Baptiste and St. Joseph
  • La Broquerie: (September 2001 – November 2002) temporary location at the Caisse La Vérendrye

CERC Advisory Committee

From January 2002 - November 2011, an Advisory Committee was formed to provide mentoring and guidance for the CERC staff and to inform CERC of the needs of their prospective communities in southeast Manitoba.

Sponsored by: / Parrainé par : CERC-MB Inc.

Funding provided by: The Government of Canada and The Manitoba Government
Financement fourni par : Le gouvernement du Canada et Le gouvernement du Manitoba
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